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The same year Queen Elizabeth II was crowned and the Chevrolet Corvette rolled out of the factory and onto the lot, Al’s Bar opened for business in a small town just north-east of Cincinnati: Sharonville, Ohio. The year was 1953. Al, the original owner of the bar, hung a vibrant neon sign off the front of the brick building, beckoning everyone traveling down Reading Road inside. 

Today, sixty-five years later, Al’s Bar is still thriving. In March of 2018, we came under new ownership and have since renovated. Though we’re modernizing, painting the brick with a fresh coat and updating the interior, we still hold true to our original values. Our neon sign still glows at night—the very same relic you might remember from the 1950s. We still have a jukebox (modern and electric to play every earworm you have). And we still have that same small-town friendliness you’d find in the 1950s Midwest.

At Al’s, we’re passionate about nostalgia and authenticity, and above else, we’re passionate about the friendly atmosphere of Sharonville that has kept us thriving since the fifties.


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Al's Bar

11133 Reading Rd. Sharonville, Ohio 45241

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